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INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION workshops and missions have been offered by Mediancia since 2005. Franck Amiach has been teaching Math and Physics for many years prior to the creation of Mediancia. His approach is based on his experience as a teacher as well as his business and acting careers: this brings a unique vision of communication based on companies' economical needs as well as a true human understanding. Listen, Create and Organize to properly Communicate are the 4 basics on which we focus for each situation.

EACH MISSION is built on a strong expertise brought either by Franck himself or with a close partner and is designed with the final client to match specific needs. For Europe Mediancia worked with partners such as Entrelacs, Sup de Co Nantes, IQE, Booster Academy, Sphere Savoir,  Training spirit,  Catapulte, Evoleo. US partners are: EAEC/ VCI ( Sebastian Torre ) in San Diego, Passions Productions ( Pascale Fortunat ) in Los Angeles and Kikai Mining ( Arnaud Collery ) in New York.



MAIN AREAS of work are: Public speaking, Media training, Negotiation and sales, Business interviews training and Career management, Intercultural communication and Management, Creativity, Teambuilding, Leadership, Entrepreneurship.

MEDIANCIA has also developed a solid expertise on multimedia communication, and can subsequently help companies with content production and media consulting . 


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