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Public speaking/media training, negociation/business interviews workshops are based on intensive trainings of each participant through a large series of role playing games.


Each participant enters a series of games with various objectives based on his specific needs. The stress is put on voice, body language, confidence, interaction with the public, preparation of the speech/meeting/interview... The moderator and other participants bring their feedbacks in order for the participant to improve.


Duration:1-3 days / Average number of participants : 10




Participants initally work on a fictitious character that they would like to play. About 5 participants get together and create a storyline, which they will develop and eventually perform in front of the others.


The participants work in a free and creative environment, coached by the moderator. They get to know each other and themselves. A large amount of time is dedicated to understanding what happened during the process on multiple levels : communication, creativity, emotions, organisation, group dynamic, leadership, business specific themes.


Duration:1-3 days / Average number of participants : 12




Participants start with presenting briefly potential business ideas to the rest of the group. With the help of a couple guidelines and interaction with others, participants deepen the idea, get together in groups and work on it : they will explore the product, marketing, finance, sales and any other relevant aspect with the guidance of the moderator. At the end of the workshop each team will present their developped business idea along with a Q/A session.


The workshop is an opportunity to explore a business idea or the strategic development of an existing company as well as training on creativity, communication, teamwork, leadership and further issues.


Duration:1-5 days / Average number of participants : 15

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